The Future of Art and Style, as Told by a Pair of Statement Makers


I asked Schahbaz how she would answer if someone asked her 10 years ago where she saw herself. “I thought I would live in a mansion surrounded by rolling hills, with 27 children, a baby elephant, and lots of horses and dogs,” she answers. “And everyone would be running around happily, loving each other.” It’s the opposite of where her life actually ended up: in a Brooklyn studio painting all day, every day.

“I took a chance on myself, moved to Brooklyn, and began my life as a full-time artist,” she explains. When she talks about her art and her daily profession, it’s clear that she’s found her true calling—and that she would have had regrets if she hadn’t made the leap. “As an artist, I live in a world of imagination and communication. I create paintings which are an expression of my inner life. Every decision—colour choice, subject, scale—is a form of self-expression. I’m also lucky to be working in a space with natural light and flowing energy, which suits my temperament.”

As for her future? Schahbaz tells me that she’s not really a planner, preferring to make decisions with her gut as she goes. “It feels important for me to keep moving forward and challenging myself,” she adds.

Published at Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:51:52 +0000