Rachel McAdams Just Wore Versace and a Breast Pump for Her New Cover Shoot

You’re at a magazine cover shoot. You’ve got your chic Versace clothes, your beautiful Bulgari jewellery, and a killer hair and makeup situation. What’s missing? Well, if you’re a stylish mum to a 6-month-old baby, you have to grab your breast pump in between takes. According to photographer Claire Rothstein, that’s how the below image of Rachel McAdams for Girls Girls Girls magazine came about—and they brilliantly decided to keep the pump in the shoot.

“Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of,” Rothstein captioned the image. “I don’t even think it needs explaining but just wanted to put this out there, as if it even changes one person’s perception of something so natural, so normal, so amazing then that’s great.” She added: “We had a mutual appreciation disagreement about who’s idea it was to take this picture but I’m still sure it was hers which makes me love her even more.” 

Scroll down to see the beautiful photo, as well as more images from the shoot. Oh, and we couldn’t resist including the best comments on our Facebook post.

Published at Wed, 19 Dec 2018 09:51:08 +0000