You Need to Watch the New Men in Black International Trailer Just for Tessa Thompson's Suits

Hollywood loves a franchise reboot, but it can make the box office feel a little repetitive. I mean, just because we already know and a universe doesn't mean we need to revisit it every five to ten years. But I have a strong feeling that Men in Black International, which comes out this summer, will be different—and for one very specific reason: Tessa Thompson in suits. (Chris Hemsworth is there, too, I guess.)

Thompson and Hemsworth play agents of the Men in Black's international operations, working alongside Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, though alluded to, are nowhere to be seen.) The latest installment of the beloved franchise is set primarily in the U.K. and Morocco—but despite the new backdrop, the uniform remains the same. And my goodness, do they look great in those signature black suits.

The first trailer for Men in Black International just dropped, and it's pretty much a perfect two-and-a-half minutes. I mean, it starts with Thompson walking into the MIB offices in New York wearing a skirt suit, greeted by the other Thompson in a skirt suit. Emma's character asks, "You really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?" Tessa perfectly answers, "No, but it looks damn good on you." I had to pause for a brief shrieking break.

But then—then—you hear, "Oh, snap!" Which signals the beginning of Fergie's iconic 2006 hit, "London Bridge." Because they're going to London. Get it? Another pause for shrieking. Like I said, this trailer is perfect.

You can watch the whole clip above, which sets the scene for a secret global mission that Thompson and Hemsworth, the best celebrity duo to be brought together by the Hollywood machine since Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph at the Oscars, will undertake on the big screen next summer. And I'm beyond ready for two hours of watching them look amazing in suits, preferably in IMAX quality.

Because, hi…


I see you…

Giles Keyte

Men in Black: International arrives in theaters on June 14, 2019, and you will definitely see me there. (Will it be too much if I show up wearing a slim-fit suit?)

Published at Thu, 20 Dec 2018 17:16:11 +0000