I Love How Weird We All Were on Instagram in 2018

If you thought 2018’s biggest fashion trends were wacky, just wait until I fill you in on the biggest Instagram trends of 2018. I’m talking about all of the new accounts, the popular style of posts, new poses and type of content we saw throughout the year on our feeds. As social media changes daily (new filters, tools, IGTV episodes, algorithm shifts, etc.), it’s interesting to see what becomes consistent as the year goes on, and how the fashion industry chooses to engage with the platform.

This year was a wildly creative year in that regard. We had Jean-Luc Godard–esque subtitles on photos, dozens of new poses and the Gary Janetti saying, “But make it fashion” in our IG captions. Nostalgia wove its wave through most content, and thanks to Instagram Stories, we tossed away the idea of being overly “curated” in order to succeed. But I also think we took ourselves far less seriously on Instagram, making the most popular content on the platform also the most fun. So much so that things did, on occasion, get pretty damn weird.

Keep scrolling to see the top Instagram trends of 2018.

Published at Sat, 29 Dec 2018 06:07:00 +0000