The Best Fashion Items 'Glamour' Editors Bought in 2018

Any time I need to make a new purchase, I do what any self-respecting editor would before clicking “Add to Cart”: I crowdsource the Glamour team for recommendations. Whether I’m looking for new jeans or a new lipstick, they have never led me astray—in fact, I’m happy to report that my favorite purchases of 2018 have all come with an enthusiastic endorsement from my colleagues. I usually like to then pay this love forward, recommending these products to friends (who will usually love them, too.) With a little bit left in the year, I thought I’d poll the Glamour team about the best things they’ve bought in the past 12 months, in case you, too, are still looking for something new to be obsessed with. Their endorsements will be enough to make you grab your wallet and give your own thumbs-up to everything on our list.

Check out the items that earned Glamour editors’ five-star reviews in 2018, ahead.

Published at Mon, 31 Dec 2018 16:30:00 +0000