These 35 Instagram Brands Are Going to Be Huge in 2019

In my role as associate social media editor for Who What Wear UK, I spend a lot of time on the internet. A ton of that time is spent on Instagram, which means I stumble across new brands around the world nearly every day. So it felt natural to start the year with a massive list of the new brands and designers to discover, support and love as they get big—and it’s also a chance to find unique pieces to wear so you stick out from the crowd. See my latest finds below.


Hôtel Vetements is the most Parisian form of a sustainable fashion brand: they create “unique artisanal pieces” from “discarded Hotel curtains and one of a kind French fabrics.” Re-using doesn’t get more fabulous than that in my opinion. 


Bug Clothing was founded in East London by Amy Ward. The consciously designed linen pieces and sets are the perfect bases for any sustainable wardrobe: lovingly made classics that are made to last. 


Wolcott Takemoto was founded by Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto and very much aims to celebrate true New York City fashion, and by that I mean the homegrown industry. I adore the silky pieces the most. 


If I Fell is another NYC-based brand. Their logo-less bags aim to bring an anonymity to luxury handbags. Their signature “Fell Bag” shape is at the core of their collection and comes various colours and patterns. 


Hosbjerg, founded by Camilla Hosbjerg, is another Danish brand that will be everywhere come fashion month. The bright sheer tops are a hit already, but the other sporty-meets-fab pieces are just as street-style ready too. 


Daphine jewellery has already all over Instagram. London influencers Bettina Looney and Monikh champion their rings, which are timeless and affordable. Win! 


Sofie Sol Studio dresses are handmade in Copenhagen and were recently the sleeper hit of CPHFW. They too offer mainly one shape of dress, but in every colour of the rainbow and in different fabrics. Sol says that “the dresses should comfort you, make you feel free, and give you a feeling of ornamented PJ’s.” 


Poema is Portuguese jewllery brand, created by the designer Mafalda Nobre, that presses dried flowers into rings. The delicate and entirely unique pieces are so lovely and make for sweet gift. 


La Llama is a new London-based company making the wackiest faux fur coats around. Entirely vegan and all reversible, we had to get our hands and try them on. Loved by Amelia Windsor, these coats are guaranteed to brighten your winter.


Stellar 79 is a London-based demi-fine jewellery brand founded by sisters Natasha and Sheena. The collections, which are hand-made in Jaipur, India, are centered around the sun, moon, and stars. The delicate gold pieces are each designed with a specific meaning and purpose, which I love.  


Frisson knits are made in New Zealand using only organic cruelty-free New Zealand sourced fibres. They make wearing a jumper so much fun as they come in various bright shades and different crops and details. Snuggly! 


Suryo‘s crochet accessories are produced by female artisans of Java and they are the latest of slightly-kitsch-but-in-a-fab-way brands to emerge on Instagram. Their silver and gold crochet bags are the perfect party addition. 


Untitled is a seasonless womenswear label from India. The moment I spotted it I knew the whole brand would be something special; I particularly love this Limi Dress. The patterns and cuts are totally unique, and even though it’s on the other side of the world, it speaks to many trends that are big right now over here.


Alexa de la Cruz jewellery is handcrafted in Mexico City. Inspired by “organic forms and traditional Mexican silversmithing,” all of the pieces are fantastic, but my favourites are the massive glass pendants.


Suzanne Rae is a Brooklyn-based brand “inspired by and made for the progressive and modern woman.” I’m particularly obsessed with the shoes, which remind me to so much of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I’ll have to get some macarons to match.


“Dreamt up somewhere between Shanghai and London,” Hai embodies “the best aspects of two of the world’s most historic and vibrant continents.” These little handbags are the next wave of It bags to emerge on Instagram, and already they’ve been spotted on some of our favourite accounts.


As someone with minimalist style, I let my dramatic side come through my accessories, which is why I fell for Valet Studio. Their handmade resin jewellery and hair accessories are dreamy; I especially love these large tortoiseshell clips.


I spotted About Arianne on Instagram a while ago, but I had to make sure you knew about it too. It’s a slow-fashion footwear brand founded in Barcelona by Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal. Their designs are unlike anything I’ve seen before, often giving a simply shaped shoe a defining characteristic like a gold bow or a hexagonal heel.



Another Spanish brand I love—notice a pattern?—is La.Bleue. Designed in Andalusia and made in a small workshop near Le Marais in Paris, these pieces are simple and timeless. Two of my favourites.



This brand both recalls Gwyneth Paltrow’s ’90s wardrobe—hello, maxi silk skirts and sheer long-sleeve tops—while offering a range of sheer, ruffle blouses that are to die for. I need it all, really.



I’d spotted Idée Fixe a few months ago on Brittany Bathgate‘s feed, but they’ve finally launched a website, which makes shopping for their simple, subtle handmade shoes that much easier. Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, the brand embodies the understated Instagram aesthetic so that each of their timeless flats could work with any outfit.


Each of Radish’s pieces comes with a vintage twist, with flowy dresses that make you feel like you’ve dropped into a ’70s tea party.  Every single piece has been inspired by an “obsessive love of fashion, art, music… all catalogued in well-loved, cherished scrapbooks so no detail gets missed,” and could work for a wedding or a casual park picnic.  


Belize aims to create timeless collections you can pop on every day. Each piece is handcrafted with care and you can tell. This is definitely an investment brand, but the quality will last you and that is worth it.


In a world of baskets, nylon backpacks and beaded bags (not complaining, love them all), it’s nice to come across a new brand that focuses on simple soft leather goods. Hailing all the way from New Zealand, I love every bag of theirs.


Designed and handmade by Layla Alter in her native city, New York, Alterita pieces hark on those favourite pendants you bring back from holiday and will genuinely add joy to your everyday life. If you love Susan Alexandra bags and hair clips, you’ll love this brand.


Laura Jackson is one of my favourite people to follow for new brand discoveries, and  Ayla Swim just shows you why. The eco-friendly fabrics make each piece super comfy, while the collection is general just screams fun at the beach.


This sustainably made Scandi jewellery brand is not like any other Scandi brand I’ve seen lately. The loud, strong statement pieces stand out and will grab you tons of compliments. I love these razor sharp hoops.


London-based Fruity Booty is refreshingly funny for an underwear brand. Its summer collection, “Tropic Like It’s Hot” (see—funny!), features models who look like real people wearing fabulous ’80s-inspired nightwear and lovingly made lingerie. Created by friends Minna Bunting and Hattie Tennant in October 2017, the ethical brand is also affordable. Oh, and everything is super cute.


Sunad is a shirt brand based in Madrid. With classic designs and the use of only natural fibers, the effect is what the brand describes as “the YSL woman of the ’70s with a contemporary twist.” Okay!


Entireworld is the latest basics brand that is so hip it hurts—and I love it. Take a scroll on its Instagram feed, and you’ll see Jason Schwartzman, Beanie Feldstein and Аna Kraš featured wearing its pieces. But all that cool is not without a purpose; at its core, this brand is good—very good. Its cotton is organic, and its clothes are meant to be worn forever, not just for one season.


I saw first saw Kara in a post tagged by Marianne Theodorsen and loved it instantly. Based out of NYC, the incredibly cool vibe of the bag brand comes from its ethos: celebrating individuality, creativity and making space for innovation. It also takes its name from the word karaoke, which I adore. The only problem: You’ll want more than one of its bags.


You’ve probably seen thei hand earrings everywhere on Instagram, but you might not have known what the brand behind them was. Meet Young Frankk, the brand supplying the coolest Instagram queens—like Maria Bernad—with affordable, minimal pieces. I got my hands on these gold hoops recently and get compliments on them every time I wear them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest edition—join me next month for new introductions to brands and designers from all over the world. If you’re ever unsure whether or not to buy something, feel free to ask our shopping community on Facebook.

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