5 Boot Trends I'm Seeing All Over London Right Now

As I type, I can tell you that in London right now it’s -1 degrees Celcius. I’m sure it’s colder throughout other parts of the UK, but this kind of plunging temperature usually freezes the city up and everything stops. We’d be nowhere without Uniqlo thermals, M&S tights, Pret’s toasted sandwiches and a great pair of boots (or five), and whilst I’m sure you’d love to scroll through a menu of tasty, hot food, I’m going to offer you a gallery of London-adored boots instead. It’s one of the fashion items we know best, needing these sturdy footwear friends to take us from season to season, looking sharp and feeling comfortable. There’s a great deal of walking most London girls have to do a daily basis, not to mention some rather packed-out day-to-night scheduling, which means their boots need to be ready for anything. Oh, and that’s without scrimping on being stylish. 

So which boots are currently trending in our chilly capital? I’ve had my eyes as open as possible during the first week of January and can report the below…

Published at Mon, 07 Jan 2019 06:10:00 +0000