All the Times They Say 'Virgin' on The Bachelor This Season

Every season of The Bachelor, the show leans in hard on an interest or character trait of the current lead. Arie Luyendyk Jr., for example, had the whole car thing. Pilot Jake Pavelka got his own theme song, "On the Wings of Love". And for Colton Underwood, who heads up Season 23, the big storyline is—drumroll—his virginity.

Colton's sexual history has been a huge subject of fascination throughout his time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, despite the former football player saying, repeatedly, that he's not waiting for marriage or because of religious reasons. But even though Colton is low-key about his virginity, The Bachelor is not. So it wasn't the biggest surprise when the promos for his season included the tagline, "What has he got to lose?"

Curious to see just how much this season of The Bachelor would talk about it, I decided to take note every time somebody said "virgin" or "virginity." The final number from the first episode alone was more than I expected, and that's not counting all the sexual innuendos—like Kirpa joking that cleaning Colton's teeth is as physical as she's gonna get or the woman who dressed like a sloth because he "takes it slow." I ultimately kept those out because who wants to read a 15,000 word thesis on Colton's virginity?

See the full list, below—we'll keep updating as the season goes on.

Episode One Count: 18

"I'm not a virgin, but sex is a big deal so Colton's the Bachelor and [the fact that] he's a virgin is super appealing to me." — Hannah B.

"If I was the person that Colton gave his virginity to I would definitely bring out all the tricks." — Onyeka

"I know that he's a virgin, which is kind of concerning." — Demi

"I am the first virgin bachelor." — Colton

"I was ready to lose my virginity to Becca." — Colton

"How much of the negativity and the he's not ready do you think has to do with your virginity?" — Chris Harrison

"That's sort of the stigma around being a virgin—oh, he's not romantic…" — Colton

"So I have not dated a virgin since I was 12, but I'm excited to give it another shot." — Demi

"First one out and I had to bring up the virgin thing." — Demi

"Now that I've popped your cherry we don't need to bring up virginity any more." — Caitlin

"I feel like I never would have brought up his virginity right away because it's too personal. Like, 'Hi, I'm Nicole. I hear you're a virgin!" — Nicole

"I think I just took your V-card." — Katie

"I just want to know why he's a virgin." — Erika

"At least he's a cute virgin." — Onyeka

"Everyone knows you're a virgin, so I want to know…why?" — Erika

"He kisses very well for a virgin." — Caelynn

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