The 15 Most Memorable Zara Pieces of All Time

You may have noticed we like Zara here at Who What Wear. We know the rails so well that we can spy a Zara buy a mile away—even at fashion week amongst a sea of designer garms. Our Zara obsession has been a long love affair — we fondly recall the circa-2007 turning point where the Spanish chain started moving away from its workwear tailoring core and branching into more adventurous fashion territory.

This has, as a result, provided many a stellar moment for the brand. Many Zara pieces have become instantly recognisable to even the most laissez-faire of high-street shoppers. I personally recall a moment in 2009 where I thought one particular Zara coat was following me around the country—I was street style–hunting up and down the UK and noticed the Aztec-inspired red, black and white blanket coat EVERYWHERE. Bristol to Birmingham, Cardiff to Clapham, it was the piece to be seen in that winter.

Every single year there are certain Zara pieces that just seize the nation — we already have some ideas about what these will be in 2019. But what are the other most iconic Zara items to date? From the printed kimono to that tartan blanket scarf, keep reading to see the Zara items we remember most clearly.

Published at Mon, 07 Jan 2019 06:12:00 +0000