11 Perfect (and Perfectly Affordable) Looks From The Frugality

If you tire of seeing outfits on Instagram that you could never afford, there’s one influencer we always lean on for wallet-friendly outfit ideas: Alex Stedman is a fashion stylist and mum-of-one who launched her blog The Frugality to show how she makes practical styling choices.

“I live off every penny I earn—my wage goes towards my mortgage, bills, travel and food,” she explains on her blog. “But I don’t set my sights low. I still want to look stylish every day, I still want Hay chairs for my house and a Gucci bag to carry my wares; I’m just sensible with money where I can be to afford the luxuries.”

It’s an attitude that’s in line with the way most of us actually approach shopping, and every outfit on her blog and Instagram page is actually attainable in comparison to the rest of the influencer world. The majority of her wardrobe is from the high street, so she’s the one to follow to discover the best new items from Topshop, Mango and & Other Stories.

She’s also a dab-hand at rewearing her pieces time and time again, too, meaning the cost per wear of her wardrobe must be around £0.01. Keep scrolling to see 11 of Alex’s winning affordable outfit ideas. 

Published at Wed, 09 Jan 2019 06:01:00 +0000