12 Best Drugstore Foundations of 2019 Under $20

In a dream world we'd all have the skin of an Insta filter. But until that genetic code is cracked and bottled into a serum, there's foundation. Obviously, this leads to some problems. We could use Dior and Giorgio Armani all day, but that cost isn't always feasible if you'd rather invest the money in, say, your actual skin. And drugstore foundations—while much, much better than the ones from even five years ago—are tough to navigate without being able to swatch in-store. Who wants to buy something without knowing how it applies, dries down, and wears for eight hours? Luckily, there's word of mouth, and if you ask any Glamour staffer about these 12 favorites, they'll convince you to try them in a heartbeat. With nothing over $18, why not? Scroll on for the best in drugstore base makeup.

Published at Thu, 10 Jan 2019 20:59:00 +0000