If This *You* Fan Theory Is True, It Would Change Everything

Warning: Major You spoilers ahead.

The season one finale of Netflix's You was bonkers, to say the least. After nine episodes of stalking and murder, Beck finally became privy to Joe's behavior and tried to GTFO. Of course, this didn't happen: Joe managed to kidnap Beck and keep her locked in that weird glass box in the basement of his bookstore. She almost successfully escaped, but unfortunately evil and toxic masculinity prevailed: Joe murdered Beck, or so we think, and he framed her therapist, Dr. Nicky, for the crime. He then sent the manuscript Beck had been working on to a publisher, thus turning her into the bestselling author she always wanted to be—all posthumously, mind you.

But what if Beck isn't really dead? After all, Joe's ex-girlfriend Candace popped up unexpectedly in the season finale, and we were convinced she died too. Plus, we never actually saw Beck's dead body, just a body placed inside one of those crime-scene bags. Is it possible that Joe completely staged Beck's death and she's still down in his God-awful cage?

That's what a few fans seems to think. "For anyone who’s watched the #Netflix series You, my theory is that Beck isn’t dead and she’s still down stairs in Joe’s weird-ass box," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Beck isn't dead. Joe just has her in the cage, and he reads to her every night, feeds her and tells her how much of a successful writer she is," posted another. (That's a very…bleak image, to say the least.)

"I am so convinced Beck isn’t actually dead and is just in that horrific glass box forever now," tweeted someone else. Check out some more reactions from viewers who are also on this train:

There are a few issues with this theory, though. For one, the world thinks Beck is dead. For her to suddenly reappear would require an ironclad explanation from the show-runners, which might not be possible. Also, Elizabeth Lail, who plays Beck, told Vulture she knew Beck was going to die before she signed on to the project.

"I thought it was gonna be some heroic justice at the end, but it’s more true to life that she does die, unfortunately. It’s more likely that someone would die in that situation," she said.

Looks like we'll have to wait until the season two premiere to receive any definitive answers.

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