The Best White Puffer Jackets to Get You Through Winter

A couple months ago Ariana Grande wore an oversize white puffer jacket after calling off her engagement, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. This is the first time I’ve ever thought about a puffer jacket multiple times, and it’s the only time I’ve wished I owned one.

The reality is that I’ve always had a complicated relationship with puffer jackets, and by that I mean I’ve always hated them. They're clunky, they can be too warm, and if you get one with shoddy construction, you end up with faux feathers all over you when you take off your coat. Not cute.

But here I am now, wishing I owned a oversize white puffer jacket because Ariana Grande looks so unbothered and badass in hers. Some might say that look had to do with her massive Chanel shopping bags, but I think it was all about the puff. While some go off the grid after a bad breakup, there was Grande, wearing a jacket you couldn’t help but notice. She was combatting Pete Davidson's big dick energy with her own big coat energy. Not only did the large white puffer jacket call attention to her, but it also looked like the clothing equivalent of comfort food. I suddenly really wanted to have one and it wasn't hard to rationalize why.

A white puffer jacket like Grande’s is obviously great for the cold—it's basically a very expensive duvet you can wear out of bed. The color means it'll match with everything in your closet, and the size makes anything you’re wearing seem like a statement outfit (Ariana paired hers with sweatpants). Puffer jackets are notorious for being hard to navigate in, but oversize white puffer coats aren't ashamed to resemble the Michelin man. Instead they say, "I know you’re looking at me, but I don’t care." In other words, they're perfect to keep the warmth in and the haters out. White puffer jackets also look like Ariana Grande's favorite cloud emoji, and just like that emoji, they work in every possible scenario whether that be calling off a celebrity engagement or ordering a breakfast sandwich from your local diner. The softness is also great for resting bags worth thousands of dollars on your arms, which is an issue I’ll admittedly never have—but it’s nice to be prepared, just in case.

Even better, once I opened my heart to puffers, I found that 2019's iterations have gotten a serious upgrade, whether that's temperature control insulation or a variety of lengths so you can find your best fit. Shop the the best white puffer jackets ahead.

Published at Wed, 16 Jan 2019 22:00:00 +0000