6 Affordable Accessories That Make Me Look Like a Rich Girl

I don’t know what it is—the weather and the dark mornings perhaps—but right now I’m too lazy to even think about curating my outfits. The cold means I’m reluctant to wear anything but jeans and jumpers, which, after months wearing on repeat, have become somewhat fatigued. 

In an attempt to make my looks more interesting for me to wear and for other people to look at, I decidedly upped my accessories game. I’m not one to blow big bucks on my add-ons, so it was an affordable way to breathe a new lease of life into my daily wares until spring rolls around. 

Now, as my accessory efforts increased over the past few weeks, I’ve come to find that there are six pieces work colleagues, friends and fellow commuters tend to compliment me on most. Naturally, I respond by saying “Oh thank you! These/It’s from [insert high-street store here]” to which they always act surprised. “Really?” they’d gasp. “They/It looks so much more expensive.” 

Indeed, I seem to have unknowingly cracked the code to looking fancy and flush when, in reality, I’m still penny-scrimping post-Christmas, and it’s all thanks to these key items. Keep scrolling to see and shop the best affordable accessories on offer right now and you too can fool everyone into thinking you’re a rich girl.

Published at Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:15:00 +0000