Drumroll, Please: The First It Dress of 2019 Has Emerged

Curious to find out more about M.92, we sent the brand a quick direct message, which was responded to within minutes. This is what we learnt.

M.92 is a London-based fashion brand founded by two sisters in 2018 who operate their entire business model through Instagram in lieu of a website. Orders are placed through direct message, and payments are taken over PayPal. The production quantities are kept deliberately small to ensure an air of exclusivity, and the dress in question is priced at £150 (not bad for a cult-status piece by any standard).

In just a few short months, M.92 has managed to infiltrate the closets of some of Instagram’s most-lauded dressers, which is no small feat. Commit the name to memory, as we’re expecting big things from M.92. As we said, supplies of the dress are limited, so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to DM the brand toot sweet. If you’re digging the smock dress vibe, then you’ll also want to check out our edit of the best of the rest below…

Published at Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:03:00 +0000