Women Are Sharing Pics of Their 'Food Babies' on Twitter

Food is delicious—and sometimes, it happens to trigger bloating in the stomach. There's no shame in a "food baby," as the effect is often nicknamed, but it's not something we normally see talked about on social media. Considering that's how we consume most images we see, though, it can make a food baby feel like a solitary experience. But let's be real: It's a relatable moment for many women—one of whom kicked off a huge stream of responses on Twitter over the weekend.

It began when London-based influencer Fatimah Waheeb sparked an online discussion after posting a photo of her "food baby" on Twitter with the caption, "i can’t be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant??"

She then encouraged others to do the same. "If you do have bloated pics post them in the thread looool," Waheeb wrote.

"I had just finished eating a bunch of wasabi while watching anime and I realized how bloated I was, and I thought it would be funny to share how bloated women can get," she told Buzzfeed News. "I wasn’t that surprised because I know if I get extremely bloated loads of other women would too and it’s nice to know other women get as bloated as I do and pretend to be pregnant!"

She also posted a pic sans bloat because, of course, some trolls were asking her if she was actually pregnant.

The responses to her original post were as heartwarming as you'd expect. Because really, who among us hasn't been there? For these women, seeing Waheeb's post—and sharing about theirs—helps normalizes a common experience.

Waheeb loved the responses, tweeting, "I love the replies!! i’m so glad bloating is normalised, fuck anyone that said my bloating wasn’t normal lmao it very much is."

Published at Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:12:11 +0000