All 12 of These Trending Tops Will Have a Place in My Wardrobe This Year

Excuse the dramatic statement, but I think there are some really amazing tops out there right now. Seriously. It wasn’t so long ago in my fashion career that the most daring top-half garment you’d come across in any given store was a red crew-neck sweater or a shirt with an embellished Peter Pan collar (wild).

These days, the world of blouses, vests, tees, shirts and knits is a banquet of extraordinary things to feast upon. There are mad sweaters (hi, Ganni!), adorable cardigans (thanks, French girls!), sleeves big enough to bash people out of your way and the kind of fancy cuts and fabrics that are sassy enough to ditch party dresses for and head on out into the night like the magical creature you are.

There are also sportswear items that have been appropriated by the coolest fashion crowds to wear outside of anything remotely cardiac. We’ve stolen (and elevated) items from the men’s section like Hawaiian shirts (they did receive the Prada seal of approval, after all). There’s literally never been a better moment for your oldest jeans to feel like they’re being put to good use than now.

So, if you’re like me and still a bit too wedded to your black polo-necks and basic jersey tees, 2019 is the time to switch things up a bit. I’ve trawled through Instagram to bring you the coolest top trends that I think will take over this year. Keep scrolling to see them in action and shop the key looks.

Published at Sat, 26 Jan 2019 06:07:00 +0000