Watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Reunite Onstage to Perform 'Shallow'

Bradley Cooper was probably pretty bummed earlier this week when the Oscar nominations were announced and his name was not on the list of those contending for Best Director. Frankly, I'm not sure what the Academy was thinking because, to me, A Star Is Born is pretty darn perfect. (He did pick up nominations in the acting and screenplay categories, so that does help.)

But over the weekend, Cooper received what many might call an even greater honor: He performed live with his ASIB co-star and fellow Oscar nominee Lady Gaga at her Las Vegas show, Enigma. Gaga brought Cooper onstage to perform their mega-hit "Shallow," and the crowd obviously went nuts over seeing Jackson and Ally Maine reunited on stage once again.

While I might personally have been disappointed that Cooper wasn't hiding long, greasy Jackson hair under his baseball cap, he seemed pretty comfortable on stage save a few sound glitches. Ever the pro, Gaga said, "I even got you in-ears," referring to the monitors that many performers wear during live performances to hear the music. Cooper couldn't hear anything at first, but once the sound crew got things sorted, he launched into those famous first lyrics, "Tell me something, girl…" and I was instantly transported back to the fictional love story of Jackson and Ally. He certainly hasn't lost his voice since they finished the film, and Gaga, of course, sounds incredible. Cooper even busted out some vintage Jackson Maine guitar moves as Gaga moved into that iconic "Shallow" wail.

Honestly, I got chills and maybe a little misty-eyed. The chemistry is so real, y'all. Watch for yourselves below and try not to cry.

Here's hoping these two hit the stage together again at the Oscars on February 24—"Shallow" is nominated for Best Song, after all.

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