I've Worked in Fashion for 11 Years—These Are the Brands I Always Wear

It would be helpful, at this point, to have an impartial bystander try and describe my wardrobe for me. I’m emotionally tied to it—for better or for worse—therefore, it’s hard to judge if it’s any good or just complete chaos.

I’ve worked in fashion for 11 years now and accumulated more clothes, shoes, bags and accessories than you could probably even imagine. I have a small walk-in closet (let’s just get this fact out of the way, I know I’m spoilt) and it’s permanently overflowing—I am on a near-constant clearing out mission, giving items to friends and family, storing pieces that I feel sentimental about, and yet the fashion mountain seems harder to scale every day.

I need to get rid of what doesn’t work and stop being under the illusion that I have nothing to wear. It’s not true, it’s just that I can’t see the quality wood for the shitty trees. Fed up with being overwhelmed every day by choice, I’m starting to think about the items I come back to, the brands I always revisit and the pieces that are worth saving up for, holding onto or fixing and mending should they start to look a little worse for wear.

In my decade of working in the industry, I have grown fond of certain brands for one simple reason: They look and feel better on me than others. I don’t particularly care for what’s cool or in, I just like to wear what I like. There are shoe brands I’ll visit before investigating any other options, safe in the knowledge that they’ll not only have styles I love and can afford but that they’ll be comfortable too. Some labels are my #1 stop for dresses that work with my hourglass figure rather than fight against it.

There are a handful of high-street brands I would wholeheartedly recommend to my friends because fast fashion should still last a long time and look chic. Some luxury names really do warrant whopping price tags: I could never have dreamt of owning anything from Prada or Sonia Rykiel when I was an intern, but saving up to buy a beautifully designed, high-quality piece of merchandise that will last year upon year really does provide a rush of excitement.

So keep scrolling to see the best fashion brands, IMHO.

Published at Wed, 30 Jan 2019 06:06:00 +0000