6 Women Try Maybelline's New 'Universally Flattering' Lipsticks

Call it the Fenty Effect, but diversity is finally no longer just a buzzword, but something brands are starting to take seriously as a philosophy. Maybelline has been raising the bar in the drugstore sphere when it comes to shade range. Last year the brand doubled its beloved Fit Me Complexion line from 16 to 32 shades. Now, Maybelline is moving beyond foundation and tackling inclusion when it comes to a different category: lipstick.

The brand has just launched the Color Sensational Made For All Lipsticks, a collection of seven shades specially created to complement all skin tones. According to the brand, the lipsticks were tested on 50 women across the skin tone spectrum to ensure they flatter every single complexion. That’s no small feat. Think about every time you’ve loved a color on a friend, only for it to look awful on you.

Generally, so-called "universally flattering" products fall into two camps: Sheer rosy-pink tones (think NARS Orgasm or Diorglow) or "nudes" that flatter only a handful of skin tones. Maybelline said "F that," and gave us a full range of pigmented lipsticks in a mix of matte and satin finishes, including a killer '90s brown, peppy fuchsia, and classic red.

The premise of this line especially makes sense at a drugstore price point, where there’s usually no way to test makeup before buying it. Maybelline is so sure that you’ll love every shade in the line that it’s offering a money back guarantee on every purchase. That's what I call that putting money where your mouth is.

Still, seeing is believing, so we challenged Glamour staffers to put the whole range to the test. Read on to see their favorites from the line.

Published at Fri, 01 Feb 2019 16:00:00 +0000