5 Spring 2019 Boot Trends to Buy Now

If red Louboutin heels (a.k.a. red bottoms) are a symbol of wealth then boots (any kind really) are a token of comfort. They’re not something Cardi B has rapped about (at least not yet), but they’ve been sung about long before by Nancy Sinatra in her iconic song, "These Boots Are Made For Walking." She’s right. Heels intimidate whereas boots accommodate. Boots can be worn in any season with any kind of outfit. They look good with jeans, sweaters, or skirts. Boots also come in every form imaginable, making them the chameleon of footwear. High-heeled boots can elevate denim whereas combat boots can make even a prairie dress look edgy.

If reading all that made you want boots, then great news! February is the perfect month to buy them. We’re currently in this weird winter-isn’t-over-but-spring-isn’t-here time frame where sandals aren’t appropriate but sneakers are overplayed. Right now there are also just some really great boot trends worth investing in. Cowboy boots are more popular than ever, square toed boots are having a moment, snakeskin is the new leopard, and hiking and rubber rain boots are apparently cool. Read on for the top five boots trends that are everywhere right now and which pairs to buy. Spoiler: They're all made for walking.

Published at Thu, 07 Feb 2019 23:10:00 +0000