Model Teddy Quinlivan Shares How She Gets Ready for a Date

Google "date night beauty" and you'll get tips on bombshell hair, bedroom eyes, and why your date will love it. Sorry to all the potential Tinder matches here, but we believe in getting ready for no one but ourselves. That's why we created the Date Prep Diaries, a personal look into the different predate rituals of women across America.

First up: Teddy Quinlivan, 24, single and a model in New York City and Paris

When it comes to beauty, my philosophy is that if you love yourself unapologetically, the right person will come to you. I don’t swipe on a magic mascara or lipstick and feel less insecure. It's something I’ve had to work on internally for years and years. So when I go on a date, I try to look the most like my natural self.

I was so nervous I wasn't going to live a normal life anymore when I came out as trans two years ago [especially when it came to dating]. But I've actually been pleasantly surprised. Not only has my life been normal, but I’ve been dating more and having more successful dates. It's not like I tell anyone or announce that I'm trans before a date, because that's not the most important thing about me. But if somebody is not attracted to me for something I have no control over, like my trans identity, there’s literally nothing I can do about it. This is who I am.

How often I go on dates varies. It really just depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll be really busy and I don't have time to go on any dates in a month, but other times I’ll be thirsty, and so I’ll go out on multiple dates in a week. I never go out to dinner with a boy [on a first date], especially if I'm meeting somebody from Tinder. A whole dinner can take an entire hour, and if I don’t find you attractive, then I’m just not going to devote that time to you. So my strategy is to be like, "Let's go grab a drink." Sometimes I don’t even want to do that, so I'll suggest, "Let's hang out at your place." But I’m not really a Netflix-and-chill kind of girl, and I never want there to be an insinuation that it'll lead to sex in any way, shape, or form. It's never on the table from the get-go. It has to be earned.

The thing boys always compliment me on is my skin—they notice that. Plus, I like to feel dewy and fresh. So when I'm getting ready for a date, I usually start out by doing a face mask like Dr. Jart's sheet masks or Sisley's Black Rose one. Then I exfoliate my lips with a MAC lip scrub, because I always want to have the most soft, kissable lips. After that, I moisturize with the Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum, which I swear by, and Crème de la Mer.

As a passable transgender woman, I know a lot of other trans women feel more comfortable wearing more makeup. I do too in my daily life, but when I’m out on a date, I don't feel like I need to wear a lot. It's very rare for me to find somebody I connect with, and when I do find that person, I don't want something like my makeup overshadowing me. So I'll usually keep my skin natural and add a little bit of La Prairie's Cream Blush and a taupe eye with a little highlight in the corner. I always like to make my lashes look really full and thick with the Dior Pump n Show Mascara. And anything that draws attention to your lips is key, so I love the Fenty Gloss Bomb.

Published at Thu, 14 Feb 2019 22:40:00 +0000