Fans Are Divided Over the Meaning of Lady Gaga's Latest Tattoo

When it comes to keeping her fans guessing, Lady Gaga is truly a professional. We never know what to expect next from Mother Monster, and whether she's taking the reins of a giant robot or showing up to the red carpet looking like an IRL princess, we're always left amazed. And after debuting a brand-new tattoo, the singer has once again left fans puzzled, with many trying to solve the mysterious meaning behind her ink.

Just days after debuting a new tattoo inspired by A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga showed off some arm ink featuring musical notes on a scale. As noted by Refinery29, fans on Instagram soon pointed out that the fifth line required of sheet music was missing from Gaga's ink. Deleting the post, she returned moments later, showing the addition of a fifth line with the caption: "musical crisis averted."

However, fans are now divided on how the notes are meant to be read. While some fans believe the music is spelling out G-A-G-A by reading the notes in treble clef, others pointed out that if you read the music as being in bass clef, the notes spell out B-C-B-C, which could be a possible nod to her manager Bobby Campbell or her Star Is Born costar Bradley Cooper.

One fan believed it might be a clue to future music, tweeting, "I’m betting that is the title of LG6, and she’s doing the rock hand gesture, maybe rock genre??? Or am I reaching."

And one user decided that we'll simply never know until Lady Gaga explains, tweeting, "There’s no treble clef so we really have no idea what those notes are…could be ABAB or BCBC…."

Luckily, Mother Monster seems to have settled the debate herself, confirming that the tattoo is "my name, written in music."

Phew, mystery solved.

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Published at Sun, 17 Feb 2019 22:50:33 +0000