Emma Louise Connolly Practically Forced Me to Buy These 9 Pieces

One of the main requirements in my role as a fashion editor is to know exactly what’s happening in the retail space. I scan countless new in sections before breakfast, having also memorised the day top brands have their respective weekly drops (Zara is on Tuesday, FYI).

Essentially, I see just about everything going before someone has had the time to order it, shoot it, and upload it to Instagram. However, there’s one person who always seems to have one up on me when it comes to sniffing out new must-haves and trends. And that person is Emma Louise Connolly. 

With a penchant for bright hues, eclectic prints and out-of-the-box styling, the model and influencer has become one of the coolest dressers on the fast-fashion scene. What’s more, her favourite shopping haunts include Topshop and Nasty Gal, meaning you’ll never feel out-priced by her uploads either. 

When I feel the need to part with some cash and nothing I’ve come across has piqued my interest, I turn straight to Emma Louise Connolly. Below, you’ll find my latest Emma-inspired shopping list—keep scrolling and soon you’ll be crushing on her, too. 

Published at Wed, 20 Feb 2019 06:01:00 +0000