Bye, Heeled Boots—I Went and Found the Best High-Street Flats for You

In my experience, finding flat shoes on the high street has always been unnecessarily difficult, especially in winter. While my collection of heeled boots continues to swell, I’m left lacking in the flats department, and the result is unhappy feet and one seriously worn-out pair of loafers.

However, right now I have no excuse when it comes to subjecting my toes to daily torture, given the flats and low-heel renaissance. After all, flats offer a level of nonchalance we often see (and covet) in the outfits of our favourite bloggers, particularly French girls. They can bring a dramatic maxi dress back down to earth, give an androgynous twist to a silky slip skirt or balance out a smart suit.

Published at Thu, 21 Feb 2019 06:00:00 +0000