Eurofash: What Scandi, French, Spanish and Italian Girls Are Buying on the Cheap

More cost-effective than a Ryanair flight, allow me to introduce a special edition of our High-Street Pieces Everyone Wants Right Now, According to Instagram franchise. We’ve been virtually roaming the feeds of European cool-girls to pinpoint the affordable items trending in different parts of our fashionable continent.

Hey, Spain—what’s new? Are all of the hippest Spanish girls actually buying pieces from some of the high-street’s less obvious stores? How about those Scandi ladies? They’re as partial to Mango are we are in the UK, but maybe there’s a new, more local brand for us to discover… In short, you need to look at the chic women below, see what they’ve chosen to snap up from the latest high-street and online drops and potentially start making a list.

Published at Sun, 24 Feb 2019 06:17:00 +0000