Everything I Want to Buy This Season Features This One Tiny Detail

There are some trends that smack you in the face the moment they make their way down a runway or appear on an Instagram feed. It might be a loud print or distinctive silhouette, but there are others that are slow burners. For example, you might find yourself falling for an unusual bag or blouse but can’t quite put your finger on what makes it so chic. Over time, you spot other pieces making their way onto the market, all featuring the same subtle motif or detail.

My favourite detail trend for 2019 has got to be cool buckles. It might sound insignificant, but I’ve noticed that a statement buckle is a uniting factor in many of the pieces I’ve loved over the last few months. In my opinion, it makes most things look instantly more high-end. Unlike some of this season’s headlining trends, smaller details such as these won’t age quickly and look just as good now as they will in a year’s time.

Not to be confined to one particular style, the statement buckle has lent its own particular brand of cool to everything from swimwear (a belted swimsuit is your one-stop-shop for retro holiday style) to midi skirts. In fact, two of our favourite accessory brands at the moment, (ATP Atelier and Boyy) both centre their designs on the statement buckle, which is always a sign of things to come.

Yes, it might be small, and no, it won’t always be heard above the din of louder, more extroverted trends, but trust me when I say that these pieces will be the gifts that keep on giving. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed? Scroll down to shop my edit of the best buckled buys.

Published at Sun, 24 Feb 2019 06:00:00 +0000