Zoë Kravitz Wore a $24,000 18-Karat Gold Bra Top to the Oscars After Parties

Zoë Kravitz may not have attended the actual Oscars ceremony, but she made a big fashion statement at the after parties. For Vanity Far's annual event, the actress wore a low-rise black maxi skirt with a gold bra top—as in, a bra made out of literal gold.

According to Vogue, Kravitz was wearing a slinky, mesh halter bra from Tiffany & Co.'s Elsa Peretti collection. The jewelry-lingerie hybrid is made from 18-karat gold and costs a whopping $24,000.

Given the eye-catching nature of the top, she kept the bottom simple: a black Yves Saint Laurent column skirt.

David Crotty

If you thought that wearing a literal gold bra would inspire Kravitz to go minimal on her other accessories, you're sorely mistaken. She went all in on the bling on Oscars night, wearing a mix of diamond bracelets, earrings, and rings.
diamond earrings and an assortment of diamond bracelets, and rings ranging in value from $15,000 to $55,000 (with some being "price upon request.)

On a night when everyone is bringing their aesthetic A-game, it's not always easy to stand out. But even other celebrities like Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor were caught by Vanity Fair photographers admiring Kravitz's top inside the party—which, relatable.

David Crotty

There are very few people on the planet that could look that cool in a bra and black skirt—and Zoe Kravitz is certainly one of them. Looking at the gold statement piece, one does have to wonder… Did she get cold? Like, at all?

Published at Mon, 25 Feb 2019 17:30:00 +0000