The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 8 Recap:

When Colton meets her family, it's awkward and tense. Understandable, given that the last guy she brought home was her ex-husband. When Colton reveals he's falling in love with Tayshia, her dad says, "That's a strong word." He digs in further, "How could you fall in love—if you are in love—with more than one person?" Colton stumbles through some answers before asking for the dad's blessing. Tayshia's father pauses. "I just met you," he finally says. Then he does not give his blessing. A twist!

"I'm not marrying her father, but I am going to need his permission," Colton grumbles. "I don't know what I'm going to do." You really don't need his permission, Colton, but I live for this drama so let's go with it. Also, it turns out Tayshia's brother is on track to become an FBI agent. He casually jokes that he'll hunt Colton down one day, so things are going well. Meanwhile, Tayshia's dad asks what would happen if Colton proposed right now. She admits she'd say yes, and her dad scolds her: You can't microwave relationships, he says. But then, before Colton and Tayshia leave, he tells them both he's "content" with giving his blessing. Ugh, Dad, stand your ground!

Last up, Colton goes to Huntington Beach, California for Cassie. She teaches him how to surf. Kind of. I don't know what Colton's worse at: learning how to eat dinner rolls like a gentleman or learning how to surf.

During a break, Colton asks Cassie if she's in love with him yet. She pauses and mutters, "Ummm." After some more stuttering, she says she thinks she knows how she feels but she can't say it yet. This is good enough for Colton, I guess, despite him telling us weeks earlier this is his greatest fear.

The visit with her family didn't help, either. Her dad shrugs as he describes Colton as "you know, a guy." Cassie admits to her sister she's not ready to be engaged. Her sister is like, leave. When Cassie and her dad have a one-on-one chat, they quibble. He asks a few reasonable questions about why his daughter would get engaged to a man she met on a reality show, to which Cassie is all, "DaaAaaAdddduhhh, I know what I'm doing! Why don't you trust me?!?" The dad's like, "You are 23."

(Side note, part two: I would like to point out that it's insane for everyone to behave as if marriage is the only outcome here. Cassie is 23, of course she's not sure about getting engaged. And that's one-hundred percent fine. As Cassie's dad puts it, "I think you need more than a couple random dates to fall in love with someone.")

Colton asks Cassie's dad for his permission, but he replies it would be premature to give his blessing. YES. Before he leaves, Colton asks Cassie again if she's in love with him. She still can't say it. Sir, this is what the other women warned you about. Yet he has "no clue" what to do.

When the women gather for the rose ceremony, Colton gives roses to Hannah, Tayshia, and Cassie. He walks the now-dumped Caelynn out, and she tells him she feels blindsided. She describes feeling stupid for having feelings that weren't reciprocated, but Colton SAYS NOTHING. He just nods and gives her a weak hug. What a monster.

On the bright side, we will finally know why Colton jumps the fence next week! I can't wait.

Published at Tue, 26 Feb 2019 03:30:00 +0000