These 32 Accessories Are the Prettiest Things We've Ever Seen

If you’re in the mood to toss practicality to the side for a moment and just layer up all things pretty, you’ve come to the right spot. Spring is in the air, and it finally feels like we can put a proper outfit together (not just wear clothes for the sake of warmth) and pile on all of our favourite things. Which is why I am so in the mood for some new accessories. Ones that I don’t necessarily need per se, but serve the purpose of reviving my love of getting dressed every day and, of course, spark some joy into my spring wardrobe.

Do I need a straw beret, a pearl headband or a satin bag right now? Practically speaking, maybe not, but I do love them and that’s enough for me. These accessories don’t need a reason for being in one’s wardrobe other than the fact that they are just plain adorable. Keep scrolling for the new season bags, jewellery and other accessories that are too pretty to miss.

Published at Wed, 27 Feb 2019 06:02:00 +0000