The Fashion Items a Former Vogue Editor Wants You to Throw Out of Your Wardrobe

Why is it so important to maintain a well-edited wardrobe?

I think it’s important for your own sanity and bank balance. A good edit makes life just a little bit easier in the morning, yet so often we end up zipping into a shop on a lunch break, spending as much as £40 to £100 on something we think we need. Usually, once you get home, you realise you have something lurking at the back of the cupboard that is almost the same look. That need to get the dopamine hit from a new purchase sometimes needs to be suppressed! Knowing what you actually own will help.

What lessons did you learn about curating a wardrobe whilst working at Vogue?

I learnt that fashion trends are essentially cyclical. I used to write and present the Vogue Trend Report to the fashion and beauty industry. Of course, designers upped their game each season, but the underlying themes often worked on rotation. You can bet that safari chic, nautical, military, metallics or monochrome will never need to be thrown out.

At Vogue, I amassed a little of every kind of trend as the years went by. It means that now I’m not as easily swayed by the brilliant merchandising in the windows of Zara or & Other Stories, for example. Instead, I focus more on finding the perfect navy trousers (currently Piazza Sempione) or the most comfortable day shoes that are timeless (Rupert Sanderson). My mantra of “buy few, buy better” has been there all along, but it has come to the fore in my freelance life.

Published at Sat, 02 Mar 2019 06:00:00 +0000