I Have My Own Blazer Wardrobe—These Are the 5 I Wear the Most

We all say silly things in meetings sometimes. The latest eyebrow-raising comment I made to team Who What Wear UK was to announce that I could write a story on a “capsule blazer wardrobe.” Those three words caused quite the reaction, as it turns out it’s not normal to own more than one or possibly two blazers.

However, I own more jackets than I do jeans or shirts, and I can safely say that blazers are what I use to add personality to my usual office or casual outfit. I even have my own blazer wardrobe. (And, no, that isn’t a reflection of how many clothes I have—I have one wardrobe and a half wardrobe, rather than a palatial walk-in.)

Published at Sun, 03 Mar 2019 09:00:00 +0000