4 Looks That Will Always Be Anti-Trend

I’m pretty picky about which trends I partake in. For those of us who write about them all the time, it doesn’t take long to get a feel for what you’re excited about relaying to your audience. For example, I’ll never be first to offer writing up an ugly sneaker story, as I have little to no interest in them, but I can completely appreciate why others do.

I could essentially claim to be quite “anti-trend” in the way I get dressed each day. This became all the more clear to me when I documented the pieces that have been in my wardrobe for yonks. It’s all well and good for hip people to say they don’t pay attention to trends—in fact, it’s precisely what a really hip person would say—but there are some evergreen style vibes that are truly so established that they can never be tied to a season or trending look.

The below four are in essence highly anti-trend and will be forever. From being truly boho to always wearing black, these vibes will never fail you.

Published at Mon, 04 Mar 2019 06:09:00 +0000