Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Are Now Making Out in Public

Ever since they reportedly left a Golden Globes party together back in January, rumors have been rampant that Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are dating. While neither has spoken outright about whether or not they're together, the pair was caught holding hands exiting a Los Angeles comedy club a few weeks back. Also, Beckinsale hilariously shut down a social media troll who was "disappointed" in her dating choices.

After spending a weekend out and about in New York City, Beckinsale and Davidson have left no doubt: They have a lot of affection for each other, at the very least. Cameras captured them walking around, holding hands and with their arms around each other.


Of course, that doesn't necessarily prove anything, but they also showed off some serious PDA at a New York Rangers hockey game. Behold, a public kiss:

JD Images/REX/Shutterstock

The (maybe) couple seems super happy to be spending time together. People reports that Beckinsale joined Davidson for this week's Saturday Night Live after-party. At a recent event celebrating her new DuJour magazine cover, Beckinsale was asked to describe her ideal man. “Funny. I like funny,” she told Extra. The actress also has a wicked sense of humor—just look at her Instagram feed—so that's not a shocker.

She's also known for a well-placed comment—like when she responded to a troll who said, "Dear Heavens Kate, not Pete Davidson" with "No, that's my mother. Easy mistake." (This happened underneath a photo of Beckinsale's mom, but the commenter chose to ignore that and just make a dig at her rumored relationship with Davidson.)

Davidson hasn't spoken publicly about Beckinsale, but given the way his relationship with Ariana Grande played out, there's a good chance she'll make it into his stand-up routines or an SNL appearance.

The couple does, however, have his ex's approval—if they even care. When asked by a TMZ cameraman how she feels about Davidson and Beckinsale dating, Grande said, "So cute!"

Published at Mon, 04 Mar 2019 16:41:08 +0000