40 Best Pairs of Pants for Spring That Aren't Jeans

If you were paying close attention to the collections for spring when they hit the runway, pants didn't really seem like they'd be a big thing come 2019—in fact, they didn't seem like they'd be a thing at all. Models at Prada wore just grandma panties under black sheer dresses, at Dries Van Noten neon briefs could be seen underneath see-through floral gowns, and at Gucci men wore jockstraps over suits. On the streets, influencers convinced onlookers that bike shorts can be worn out of spinning class (and with blazers no less). The look of no pants (or kinda-sorta-pants) is provocative for sure. It’s a statement that in these times of #MeToo, women shouldn’t have to hide, be afraid to show skin, or be sexy and own it. But it’s also obviously a metaphor, not necessarily something that’s the most practical or acceptable for real every day life. Wearing pants to work is pretty much an unwritten requirement.

But what if you don’t want to wear jeans? Contrary to what the trend forecasters might have led us to believe, this season there are more exciting pants to wear than ever. From zebra print to leather, here we break down five of the biggest pant trends that'll have you wanting to give your trusty mom jeans a day off.

Published at Thu, 07 Mar 2019 00:06:01 +0000