I Keep Rebuying This $12 Hanes Sports Bra Bundle From Amazon

Over the course of my life, I've worn countless bras: simple T-shirt bras, supportive strapless bras, fancy lace bras—you name it. I’ve always prioritized comfort and support above all else, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t weigh how easy it would be to wash and care for my bras in the decision-making process too. (Have you ever googled how to wash bras, like, properly?) It wasn’t until I got older and went through some body changes—ahem, childbirth—that I realized I had been sleeping on the virtues of the basic, traditional sports bra for nonphysical activity. It’s not luxe. It’s also not groundbreaking. But there’s only one bra I want to wear nowadays, and it’s sold as a bundle on Amazon.

It was my older sister who first turned me on to Hanes’ Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra. I had just had my first child, and I hated every nursing and pumping bra I had gotten—I didn’t love the two layers of fabric that most of them have, plus the elastic they use was harsh on my skin. I just wanted something soft and comfortable that I could feed my newborn in. I complained to my sister about all of this, and she told me about the Hanes sports bra and how she found it to be a solid alternative to nursing-specific styles. I trusted her (and two-day shipping), so I ordered a pack.

Pretty quickly, I realized how this random Amazon purchase solved every single one of my nursing bra frustrations. I loved how it gave me the support I needed while still being easy to pull up for a quick feed or pumping session. I sized up, to allow for the common postpartum size fluctuation, but the bra never felt too big or roomy. I would wear it to work, at night to sleep—every day, everywhere. Because it’s a sports bra, the racerback makes certain tops and dresses tricky, but that's a small price to pay, in my opinion.

Hanes Women’s Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra (2-Pack), $12, Amazon


With every wash the cotton blend of this bra becomes softer and softer. And I can’t understate how much I love that I can throw it into the dryer without having to worry about the quality being compromised. (Handwashing and line drying are low on my list of priorities right now.)

I’ve kept buying and wearing this Hanes bra through a second pregnancy, and will go on and on about its virtues when given the chance. It’s not that I’m throwing out the rest of my bras—I still have my beloved molded cups and deep-back styles—but this Hanes sports bra has made getting dressed as a mom a whole lot easier. And that enough makes the purchase worth it.

Buy Now: Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra (2-Pack), $12, Amazon

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Published at Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:00:00 +0000