Outfit Ideas: Five Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

From white sneakers to fleece jackets, practical pieces are ruling fashion right now. Officially making that best of list? Jumpsuits. They've been on the runways, in all their utilitarian glory, of Gucci, Valentino, and Tibi. Street-style regulars made the look their own. And now everyone in your social feeds is power-posing in a jumpsuit.

Ever since I first started noticing the rise of the jumpsuit (or coveralls if you prefer), I went back and forth on whether to add them to my cart. I got the obvious appeal: It's a one-and-done outfit (and with pockets!). But at the same time, I couldn't visualize how to make something so imposing—a long-sleeve, ankle-length monochromatic one-piece—feel exciting to wear. You can swap the sneakers for heels, yes. But after that, how many different outfits could you come up with?

So when the Top Gun–esque utility styles that were all over Fashion Week this past February, we wanted to see how versatile the jumpsuit could really be. Here, five ways to dress this closet workhorse up and down.

Published at Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:00:00 +0000