This Is an Excellent Year for New Bag Brands, and These 9 Prove It

I feel like I might weep tears of joy into my flat white as I write this piece because, though we're only a few months into 2019, I can feel a real sense of positive change happening in the fashion industry. Yes, that's right—2019 is the year of sustainability in fashion, and the proof isn't just coming from "industry experts" or business reports as you might expect. It's coming directly from emerging designers and brands.

When I started researching the best new bag brands for this piece, I began where I often do for brand discovery: scrolling through Instagram. In diving deeper into the many popular new bags the fashion set is carrying, I was overwhelmed by the pattern I saw among each of the different brands' ethos: The coolest new bags on Instagram share the common thread of sustainability at the core of their brands.

Though there are a number of requirements to becoming a 100% sustainable fashion brand (similar to being able to label food "organic"), many of the practices inherent to these brands are a major step in the right direction. These include prioritising artisan craft, quality production, ethical material sourcing and timeless designs—with each brand imbuing their personal, diverse experiences into the bags. Handbags are more of an investment piece by nature, and these brands offer an opportunity to literally carry their story with you every day.

Whether they are completely transparent about their production process or simply aiming to create pieces to last decades in both style and quality, you can be assured that these nine new bag brands are leading the way to a more sustainable future—and in style, of course. Keep scrolling to discover the new bag brands we love right now and shop the key styles from each one.

Published at Sat, 23 Mar 2019 06:06:00 +0000