These Are the Facial Tools a Facialist Actually Wants You to Use

Kate also highly rates at-home derma-rolling for glowing skin. Derma-rolling might feel, and look, more invasive than a crystal facial tool—and that's because it is, but hear me out. Derma-rolling, or micro-needling is a small device made up of tiny needles, which when rolled across your skin create small punctures to create a very monitored micro-injury in the skin. Don't fear: these punctures help to trick your skin into a need to renew and regenerate its cell turnover, increasing the activity of collagen which helps to plump the skin. They also create small channels in your skin's layers so any products used post derma rolling can penetrate deeper, which helps to improve how quickly they work. 

Kate recommends using an at-home derma-roller 2 or 3 times a week as your skin is constantly renewing itself. They are more expensive than a crystal roller, and Kate urges caution when purchasing as the needles need to be made from high-quality titanium.That being said, a derma-roller can drastically help if you want to up your skincare. 

It's also important to note that if your skincare products are of a lesser quality, don't use a derma-roller: Kate believes that your beauty regime should start and end with your skincare choices, so if you're using low-quality products you don't want to then penetrate them deeper by using a derma roller. Get to know your skin, find out it likes and doesn't like, then add in something slightly more invasive like a derma roller. 

Your beauty regime should start and end with your skincare choices, and then if you want added benefits you can add in a facial tool. Shop what I'd use with my derma-roller below. 


Published at Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:40:00 +0000