Priyanka Chopra Went to Her First Jonas Brothers Concert and Documented the Whole Thing

Sure, Priyanka Chopra might be married to a Jonas Brother; be close friends with Sophie Turner, who is dating another Jonas Brother; and have starred in a Jonas Brothers music video. But she still hadn’t actually been to a Jonas Brothers concert—until Saturday night, that is.

Chopra attended her first-ever Jonas Brothers concert (!) over the weekend in Atlanta. And naturally, she documented the whole thing on social media. Her verdict? She loved every single moment of it.

“My first ever #jonasbrothers show. And it was incredible!!! I’m so proud of these guys!! #Family ❤️???,” she captioned an Instagram post featuring her, the band, and, in a second picture, the Jonas parents.

Throughout the night, Chopra kindly shared all the backstage action with fans through her Instagram Stories, from the line outside the venue to show-goers sending well-wishes to her husband, Nick. Behold, her play-by-play of the evening.

First, she was whisked into the Tabernacle Atlanta, where the Jonas Brothers would be performing, past what looks like crowds of fans waiting to get in.

Instagram Stories/@priyankachopra

Then, she admitted for the record that, yes, this was her first Jonas Brothers concert ever. But she was willing to give away a backstage secret or two.

Later, she came across some big Jonas Brothers fans and offered to pass along their messages to the boys.

Fellow show-goers spotted Chopra at the show, and captured some cute interactions between her and Nick—including him singing “I love you” to his wife in the crowd. (Ah, think of all the Jonas Brothers fans who have fantasized about being in Chopra’s position.)

Clearly, it was a successful night (and first Jonas Brothers concert, surely of many) for Chopra. Here’s to much more fangirling in the future. Meanwhile, we’ll be here, waiting for more tour dates to be released. C’mon, JoBros!

Published at Sun, 31 Mar 2019 20:38:43 +0000