My Mum and I Always End Up Buying Shoes From M&S—Here’s What We Like

The other week, I bought a pair of sandals from Marks and Spencer and managed to convince some people that they were Hermès (no joke). The store hosts some pretty dodgy footwear options, but amongst the plethora of frumpy flats lie some absolute gems, and I’ve known that for a while because both my mum and I always shop for shoes at Marks and Spencer, and we’re damn fussy about our heels.

As someone who prefers to save up for a classic pair of Pradas I’ll wear forever over a quick-fix pair of high-street shoes, something must be very, very good about the shoes at the nation’s favourite store. My mum’s take? She prefers to buy leather creations (same) and is particularly keen because M&S not only has wide-fitting options but also always have a size 3 in stock—two key factors that we both struggle with finding elsewhere. In addition, they often offer half-sizing—perfect for me and my 3.5s!

Published at Thu, 11 Jul 2019 05:11:00 +0000